Thunderbird Technique/Competition Camp

Technique/Competition Camp schedule (pdf)

Focus of our Technique/Competition Camp:

Summer practice makes winter champions!

Campers will learn how you must to train in order to reach your maximum potential. In the wrestling room you will be guided through championship technique, drilling, and live wrestling scenarios from camp clinicians who have attained success at all levels of wrestling. Athletes will learn technique from past State Champions, NAIA and NCAA All-Americans, NAIA National Champions, and NCAA National Champions that helped them reach their pinnacle.

Athletes participating in the Thunderbird Technique Camp will polish their technique, as well as learn new high-level technique that will essentially give them the confidence, and knowledge to attain their future goals. This camp will focus on high percentage technique that will translate to immediate success for wrestlers of all skill sets, and experience levels. 

Camp consists of technique/drilling/sparring with a different clinician in the morning technique sessions, followed by dual meets in the afternoon and evening sessions; with the team champion taking home a team trophy, and individual champions of the takedown tournament taking home an individual trophy.

At our Thunderbird Wrestling Camp you will not only learn wrestling, but you will also be afforded the opportunity to learn valuable lessons that will lead to success not only in the athletic arena, but in all walks of life. You will have hands on interaction with camp clinicians, counselors, and coaches over the course of the entire four days of camp. This includes Q&A, and training tips (nutrition, mental preparation, note taking, etc.) post-practice with the various clinicians, and camp staff at the conclusion of every session.

Technical Focal Points:

*Championship Pins, Tilts and Turns:

-Learn technique from NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, and NAIA National Champion and All-American clinicians who were dominant in all areas, and aspects on top. Clinicians will share the techniques that help them dominate, and will emphasize the importance of not only riding, but riding to turn and earn the fall.

*High Level Hand Fighting to Leg Attacks and Finishes:

-Learn Technique NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, and NAIA National Champion and All-American clinicians who were dominant with various set ups, leg attacks and finishes in the neutral position. Clinicians will focus on teaching techniques that will help you move your opponent in to positions that optimize opportunities to score takedowns, and then focus on technique to secure the takedown from those positions.   

*Scrambling to Score Takedowns, Nearfall Points, and Pins:

-Learn the key technical aspects of the art of the scramble from NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, and NAIA National Champion and All-American clinicians who utilized unique situations to score points in various positions at the highest levels.  Scrambling is not just “funk.” Clinicians will focus on breaking down key components to avoiding stalemates, and focus on the technical aspect of scrambling that will lead to winning positions and earning takedowns, nearfalls, and pins.

High School Duals(Duals meets will be the 2nd and 3rd sessions on June 18th and 19th) 

*Campers are guaranteed 15 matches

*Periods are 2,1,1

*10 lb weight increments (same as TD Tournament)

*Awards for Team Champions

High School Takedown Tournament:

-10 lb weight increments: 90-100, 100-110, 110-120, 120-130, 130-140, 140-150, 150-160, 160-170, 170-180, 180-190, 190-200,200-210, 210-220, 220-Hvy

*One, 5 minute period

*Most takedowns in that 5 minutes wins the bout

*Stalling rules apply, a stalling point will equal 1 takedown

*10 Takedown lead is Technical Fall

*Awards for winners of each weight

3 Day Lil’ T-Bird Youth Camp (June 18th-20th): Commuter Only Camp


Having fun in the sport, and learning basic technique at an early age is a key to future success.

At our Lil’ T-Bird Technique Camp young athletes will have the opportunity to be mentored by, and learn basic technique from our Guest Clinicians, and current collegiate wrestlers and coaches at Cloud County Community College.  First and foremost this camp is to make sure that the youth wrestlers see the sport of wrestling as a healthy activity that is FUN to do. Secondly, this camp is designed to teach young wrestlers the technique to build a proper foundation for success later on in their wrestling careers.

*This camp is a commuter camp only, with 1 session per day

Sessions: 11am-1pm (12pm-2pm on June 20th, last day of camp)

            -Technique Instruction, and Live Wrestling daily